Can't send DHCP options

James jmsliang at
Mon Feb 25 03:07:42 UTC 2008

Thank you.
I used ISC DHCP Client 3.0.4 version. Now I use ISC DHCP Client 4.1.0a1
I meet a problem that I add options in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf. After
executing 'dhclient eth0', I find that options I add can't work. Finally, I
	In Client 4.1.0a1 version, the default path of dhclient.conf is
	But in ISC DHCP Client 3.0.4 , the default path of dhclient.conf is
/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf. That is different between 4.1.0a1 and 3.0.4.
So I copy /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf to /etc/dhclient.conf, and add options
into it, the options I add really work.

But I still meet a problem without solving.
I modify the content of 'etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/debug' :
	# To enable this script set the following variable to "yes".
	RUN = "yes"
And I change the access permissions of 'debug' file to '755' (chmod 755
I copy this file to /etc/dhclient-enter-hooks directory. After executing
'dhclient eth0', I don't find the file 'dhclient-script.debug' in 'tmp'
I don't know what the problem is. What shall I do?
Thakn you.

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James wrote:
>I delete the dhclient.conf in /etc/dhcp3/ directory, and I find the 
>dhclient still CAN work.
>Why? If I don't provide the dhclient.conf file, how does dhclient 
>know what to do?


You do not have to configure anything at all for a basic DHCP client 
to be able to function - that is the whole point of DHCP. In the 
absence of a config that says otherwise, the client will simply get 
and process a default set of options - eg it will ask for basic 
network parameters (address, mask, gateway, DNS servers) and 
configure the network and resolver accordingly.

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