Classing clients by their Hardware Ethernet Address

Tarik Gasmi isnogoud at
Mon Jan 7 16:50:11 UTC 2008


is it possible to class clients by matching the MAC-Address they are
sending? I don't want to use the dhcp-client-identifier option for that
purpose because a uge number of clients is served and i cannot be sure
which type identification option they send in their message ...

I later want to use this class to allow a specified group of clients to
get dynamic addresses form a pool ...

i would like to do it this way:

*** snip ***
class "some-clients" {
   match hardware ethernet;   (and not: option dhcp-client-identifier)
subclass "some-clients" 00:00:aa:aa:aa:aa;
subclass "some-clients" 00:01:bb:bb:bb:bb;
subclass "some-clients" 00:02:cc:cc:cc:cc;
subclass "some-clients" 00:03:dd:dd:dd:dd;
subclass "some-clients" ...
*** snap ***

and use it in a pool declaration

*** snip ***
pool {
   range ip1 ip2;
   allow members of "some-clients";
*** snap ***

Or are there better solutions?

Thank you in advance, and best regards


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