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Scott Baker bakers at web-ster.com
Mon Jan 7 17:39:05 UTC 2008

J E wrote:
> Recently a recommendation was given on the list for dhcpstatus (
> http://dhcpstatus.sourceforge.net/ )by Glenn S. as a way to take a nicer
> look at leases, etc. And while it does seem to offer a nice view of some
> things, the project hasn't been touched in about 6 years. So v.3 support
> is minimal, and not complete - and of course there is no mention of v.4.
> Can anyone give some recommendations for other products that may have
> similar, or even better features than dhcpstatus? I've checked the list
> archive, and done some googling but not seeing much that isn't part of
> some much larger project, tied into DDNS capabilities, etc. Free is
> best, but pay solutions may be OK too :)

I wrote a script a while ago that we still use today. It's probably
limited compared to what you want to do, but you can build on it:


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