Abandoned messages.

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Jan 8 20:27:55 UTC 2008

Keith wrote:

>|->	In more detail, but without having thought too much about it,
>|->	I guess what's happening is the following.
>|->		client DISCOVER
>|->		server OFFER
>|->		client REQUEST
>|->		[ server can't see address in use,
>|->		  as we block ICMP to a (too) large extent ]
>|->		server ACK
>|->		client checks for address in use
>|->		client DECLINE
>I think thats somewhat along the lines of whats happening here and I did
>typo the ACK..I meant the server. As Ive been looking at this further
>I am inclined to believe it is from pool exhaustion at this point.
>When I was on vacation last year my boss added an extra piece of gear to
>this subnet when he wasnt supposed to, and its coming back to bite me now.
>Ive been comparing MAC addresses that are trying for 2 different declined
>IP's and in both cases there are 5 clients trying for the same 2 IP's and
>4 of them are the same in both cases.

I was about to ask if the devices are sending a client identifier, 
and if so what it is. We've had occasions in the past on this list 
where someone has set the client id to be something generic (eg 'Mac' 
on all their Macs) and then wondered why things don't work right.

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