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Thu Jan 10 16:31:39 UTC 2008

Thanks for your help, I already knew about this document you tell me. There you can see these options are not really in use, but are these actually of common use? What would happen if I decide to use them for my own use?

Thanks once more.

PS: I used wireshark to analyze DHCP traffic and I didn't realize of any other of the private use options being used.

Ralph Droms <rdroms at> escribió: I wonder if it might be worth adding these as a footnote to the IANA  
page?  Did you find others in the range 224-254 that might be useful  
to record?

- Ralph

On Jan 10, 2008, at Jan 10, 2008,11:10 AM, Bernie Volz (volz) wrote:

> Yes, I did find (or was providing some information) about these  
> options:
> 249  Windows XP clients request option 249.
> 252  MAC OS X clients request option 252.
> But as they are outside the RFC 3942 reclassified range, there was  
> no point in doing anything about them.
> - Bernie
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> Ruben - Take a look at RFC 2131, RFC 2132, RFC 3942 and
>  for details about option codes available for private use.
> Executive summary - with some exceptions, option codes 224-254 are
> available for private use.  I don't recall the details; I think the
> two option codes you mentioned are known to be in unofficial use, but
> they don't seem to be documented in
> .  Bernie - did you receive any information about 249 and 252 in your
> followup to RFC 3942?
> - Ralph Droms
> On Jan 10, 2008, at Jan 10, 2008,10:43 AM, Ruben Rios wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I have been searching on DHCP Options because I would like to use
>> some private ones for my own private use. Can anyone tell me which
>> of them can I use for that? I thought I could use any, but while
>> eavesdropping on my network I have realized some of these options
>> are already in use ( 249: Classless static routes; 252: proxy
>> autodiscovery). Are there any others I should avoid using?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Rubén Ríos
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