Setting vendor specific information options based on DUID

Dries Decock Dries.Decock at
Thu Jan 10 18:05:55 UTC 2008


we want to provide device with vendor specific option in IPv6 based on a
duid, or another match. We use ISC DHCPv4.0.0 and the vendor specific
option only seem to work when I put the configuration in the root of the
config file. 

I use the following class specification.

class "docsis" {
        client-duid =  binary-to-ascii (16,8, ":", option
dhcp-client-identifier );
        match if substring (client-duid, 0, 2) = "00";
        option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file "Cm/basic11.cfg";
        option docsis.cablelabs-syslog-servers
        option docsis.tftp-servers 2001:db8:1:11:219:d1ff:fe03:c27a;
        option docsis.time-servers 2001:db8:1:11:219:d1ff:fe03:c27a;

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