dhcp config for 200 users via single file

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Sun Jan 13 07:48:44 UTC 2008

Dear Syed,

On 13/01/08 07:29 +0000, AA Inter.Network Services / SYED JAHANZAiB wrote:
>I am running internet cable.net setup in my town, provinding internet
>access to users via cat5e cable using normal switches.

So you are not an ISP providing Internet access via RF Cable service.

>I am running my server using WIN2003 and ISA SERVER 2004 connected
>wid 4mb link. I am also running windows base DHCP server assiging
>users dynamic ips with default gateway and dns pointing to ISA

I'm slightly disappointed here :-)

>I am filtering users by there mac addressess using LINUX
>BRIDGE between SERVER and USERS , e.g
>LAN USERS  --->   BRIDGE wid allowed macs only  ----> SERVER

>now I want to setup DHCP Server on LINUX Bridge, so only allowed mac
>address users should get the ip from the DHCP server, but every time
>he should get the fix ip address that I enter. its simple if there
>are few users only, But I have more then 200 users, so its difficult
>for me to enter 200+ entries manuallly in DHCP, even if if use WEBMIN
>bcoz i have to modify the mac addressess on daily basis. I want that
>there should be a single text file I have to edit like, e.g
>00-08-74-4D-74-DE    # john flat 303 sunview appartment
>00-53-45-00-00-00    # david a43 aone banglows
>and now the dhcp should read from the text file, and make automatic
>entries in dhcpd.conf file.  I also want that these entries should be
>firewalled by by iptables MAC TO IP MATCHING security. I have the
>script that can read from the file like above to match mac to ip
>binding and deny any user whoes mac and ip is not the same as enter
>in the macip.allowed file.
>So plz help me howto setup DHCP to read from the file to issue
>specific ip for specific mac.

It's quite simple; the system http://nicku.org/snm/dhcp-dns-system/
that I referred you to does that and much more.

Can you program?  Do you know Perl or some other such language?
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