IP allocation time

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Jan 14 11:37:10 UTC 2008

Aggarwal Vivek-Q4997C wrote:

>I have configured DHCP 3.0.6 on NetBsd. Can anyone tell how much it
>should take to assign an IP address to the client.

Normally it's some small fraction of a second from receiving a request.

If it's not then your next actions should be :

1) Inspect the logs and check that a) the server has started without 
error, and b) that it logs some activity in response to the clients 

Assuming the server has started, and it's "not working", then your 
next step is to use a packet sniffer (eg wireshark) to see what 
packets (if any) are being passed on the network - you are looking to 
see that a) the client is actually sending request packets, b) that 
the server is actually receiving them, c) that the server is 
responding, d) that the responses get back to the client. Steps b & d 
are usually not an issue on a flat network, but can be a problem when 
routers & relay agents are involved.

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