GUI for ISC?

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Mon Jan 14 16:19:10 UTC 2008

On 14 Jan 2008, at 15:33, Reid Vail wrote:

> Just most ISC users do their DHCP administration  
> right at
> the .conf file or is there a GUI that's used?  I have GDHCPD loaded  
> but
> it seems to give access to only to basic functions.  Also I tried to
> compile and run KCMDHCPD but don't think it's working.

	Depends on scale.

	At home, for a handful of boxes, I use the general-purpose GUI
	known as Emacs.  8-)

	At work, we use our Byzantine network database (if it ain't broke,
	don't fix it ...) to generate DNS zones, DHCP and MRTG configs,
	network occupancy tables, and statistics.  This allows us to avoid
	duplicates (names, IPv4 and MAC addresses) and gives us consistency
	checking across (sub-) nets, lease pools, and fixed host addresses.

	Our system is neither portable nor well documented.  If we were
	starting again, but knowing what I now know, CMU netreg could be
	the system we'ld choose.  Google is your friend.

	Best regards,

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	University College Dublin IT Services

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