GUI for ISC?

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Mon Jan 14 21:27:27 UTC 2008

--On Monday, January 14, 2008 04:19:10 PM +0000 Niall O'Reilly 
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> On 14 Jan 2008, at 15:33, Reid Vail wrote:
>> Just most ISC users do their DHCP administration
>> right at
>> the .conf file or is there a GUI that's used?  I have GDHCPD loaded
>> but
>> it seems to give access to only to basic functions.  Also I tried to
>> compile and run KCMDHCPD but don't think it's working.
> 	Depends on scale.
> 	At home, for a handful of boxes, I use the general-purpose GUI
> 	known as Emacs.  8-)
> 	At work, we use our Byzantine network database (if it ain't broke,
> 	don't fix it ...) to generate DNS zones, DHCP and MRTG configs,
> 	network occupancy tables, and statistics.  This allows us to avoid
> 	duplicates (names, IPv4 and MAC addresses) and gives us consistency
> 	checking across (sub-) nets, lease pools, and fixed host addresses.
> 	Our system is neither portable nor well documented.  If we were
> 	starting again, but knowing what I now know, CMU netreg could be
> 	the system we'ld choose.  Google is your friend.

We're in pretty much the same situation (it should not come as a surprise 
that an organization like CMU has multiple independent networks).  Our DNS 
configuration, zones, and dhcpd.conf are generated automatically every 10 
minutes based on information in the 20-year-old host registration database. 
One of these days, we'll find a secret closet full of round tuits, and then 
we'll migrate to <>

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