no Working leases on persistant database

stephane lepain s.lepain at
Tue Jan 15 13:52:26 UTC 2008


Thank you so much for your response. 
I have now configured my DHCP server which has two nics in static. Both
of them. The result is much better and the error message is gone. In
fact that error message was (I think) coming from the server itself as
it was trying to offer a lease to the wifi network card in the server.
By putting my two ethernet nics is static in the server and
reconfiguring the dhcdbd I solved that problem. On the top of that I
have added a line to my dhcpd.conf file "dhcpd if1" The result is great
but now my server keeps telling that it has no wired network which in
fact is completly wrong because all network is working fine. I have my
permanent clients on my network which are working fine and as well the
nomads one which allocted dynamic addresses for. 
Any idea on why my server persist in telling me that I have no wired
network? That happened just after i put my two nics on my server in

Le lundi 14 janvier 2008 à 18:47 -0500, Jeffrey Hutzelman a écrit :
> --On Tuesday, January 15, 2008 12:30:50 AM +0100 stephane lepain 
> <s.lepain at> wrote:
> > Hi Guys,
> >
> > I am new to DHCP. I have just set up my dhcp server on my network and
> > when I start up my dhcp server, I get this error message  "no working
> > leases on persistent database". I dont understand that message because
> > the server is actually working fine. The problem is that it takes for
> > ever for the sever to start itself because of that message.
> That message is one printed by the DHCP _client_, not the server.  It 
> indicates that the client doesn't have any existing unexpired leases to 
> fall back on after having failed to get a response from any DHCP server. 
> The more interesting message is the one you should have seen a line or two 
> above, "No DHCPOFFERS received.", which indicates that your client did not 
> receive offers from any server.
> Usually this happens when you are not connected to the network, are not 
> eligible to receive a lease, or when the DHCP server is in fact _not_ 
> working fine.  You can often determine more by looking at the DHCP server 
> log and/or a packet trace.
> Since in this case you say you are getting this message when you "start up 
> your DHCP server", I assume you mean when you try to boot the machine on 
> which the DHCP server runs.  If that machine is configured to use DHCP to 
> obtain its address, then this is not surprising -- at the time the network 
> starts, the DHCP server is not yet running, and so cannot provide an 
> address to the machine it runs on.
> Generally, the machine on which a DHCP server runs should be one of the few 
> machines on your network which does _not_ use DHCP to obtain its 
> configuration.  In most cases, such machines must be statically configured.
> -- Jeffrey T. Hutzelman (N3NHS) <jhutz+ at>
>    Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA

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