no Working leases on persistant database

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Jan 15 15:27:31 UTC 2008

stephane lepain wrote:

>Wouldn't adding this host declaration be better in order to prevent the
>DHCP Client receiving DHCP Service ? and thus avoiding the error message
>I go earlier?
>host router-server {
>  hardware ethernet xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx;
>  deny booting;

No, because you need to configure the servers interfaces somehow ! 
You cannot reasonably configure them from a DHCP service running on 
the same server and so they should be statically configured.

Creating a host declaration as shown will simply prevent the server 
handing out a lease - it won't stop the client asking for one, or 
complaining when it gets no response.

>  I have now configured my DHCP server which has two nics in static. Both
>  of them. The result is much better and the error message is gone. In
>  fact that error message was (I think) coming from the server itself as
>  it was trying to offer a lease to the wifi network card in the server.
>  By putting my two ethernet nics is static in the server and
>  reconfiguring the dhcdbd I solved that problem. On the top of that I
>  have added a line to my dhcpd.conf file "dhcpd if1" The result is great
>  but now my server keeps telling that it has no wired network which in
>  fact is completly wrong because all network is working fine. I have my
>  permanent clients on my network which are working fine and as well the
>  nomads one which allocted dynamic addresses for.
>  Any idea on why my server persist in telling me that I have no wired
>  network? That happened just after i put my two nics on my server in
>  statics.

What do you mean by "... keeps telling that it has no wired network 
..." ? Is this in the logs (which logs ? what process name ?) or 
somewhere else ?

"dhcpd if1" is not a valid statement for the dhcpd.conf file. It's 
something that is passed via the command line, so is either part of 
the command file that loads the dhcp service, or a config file read 
by it.

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