DDNS to a classless in-addr zone

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
Thu Jan 17 10:22:27 UTC 2008

	I hope this isn't quite OT yet.

On 16 Jan 2008, at 18:33, Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:

> I know of nothing in RFC1034 which suggests that only letters,  
> digits, dash, and underscore are valid in domain name labels.  I'd  
> be curious as to exactly what text you think might be interpreted  
> in this way.

	What I'm thinking of is section 3.5.  What I said, as an
	observation, was that this _might_ be used to oppose the idea
	of relaxing the syntax accepted in dhcpd.conf for a zone name.

	While section 3.5 indeed doesn't say that "only letters, digits,
	dash, and underscore are valid", it does say that keeping to letters,
	digits (except initially), and dash (except initially or finally)
	will help prevent grief.

	This is notably inconsistent with the specification further on
	(3.6.2, of the structure of the in-addr.arpa tree,
	where labels consisting entirely of digits are presented.

	I anticipate (my prejudice!) that the first reaction from ISC
	to a request to relax the syntax for a zone name would be to object
	in order to protect people from the consequences.  I would not be
	at all upset to be proven wrong by their actual reaction.

	Best regards,

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