Biggest installation of ISC DHCP?

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Fri Jan 18 23:00:49 UTC 2008

On Sat, Jan 19, 2008 at 07:02:35AM +1100, Nick Urbanik wrote:
> ISC dhcp with our own LDAP patch, and the "next file" patch (see
> so that there is no need to restart the

you know, i did a lot of talking 2 years ago that we wanted to do SQL
and LDAP and "others", and that i wanted to integrate this sort of
work into one event rather than create some sort of frankenstein
monster.  make sure we got the API right so we didn't have to do a
lot of rewriting later.

essentially putting this off into some nebulous "future time" that
never seems to come, but always sat in the 1-2 year plan in my head.

but that was when i was under the impression that DHCP as it exists
today would continue forward with very subtle change, and i would be
the only one working on it (and thus _very_ concerned about my budget
for maintenance-related coding hours).

recently i've not been alone, and we're thinking more and more that
DHCP 3 and DHCP 4 are more like (hopefully useful) iterations in
development leading to an even grander change in architecture.

stepping stones.

essentially putting this at the 5 year evolutionary scale when
today's single-celled DHCP amoeba would be unrecognizable in the
multi-celled fully ambulatory DHCP dragon that drags itself up onto
the beach with its litter of bird-like children.

maybe i'm stretching the metaphor a bit far; the point is this is an
even more nebulous and distant hour.

so these days i'm a lot more interested in pulling up feature patches
for features we want to have in the multi-celled organism, so that we
can have examples and some kind of experience with the features when
we come around to fitting them into the new design.

i'm a lot less attached to our even mid-term architecture

if you, or anyone else is willing to work with us to get patches
integrated (is there more than one LDAP patch floating around now?),
please port them to DHCP-4 and submit them to dhcp-suggest.  it
wouldn't hurt to join dhcp-workers either.

if there are any licensing considerations or carry-along libraries,
please bring them up on dhcp-workers first before you spend a lot of
time coding.

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