Spawning based on agent.remote-id (binary vs ascii)

Scott Baker bakers at
Tue Jan 22 16:12:16 UTC 2008

Glenn Satchell wrote:
> I can see a null byte on the end of the billing class string, whether
> that gets put there by using the quotes, or whether it comes form the
> device, I'm not I'm not sure, but try pasting in that long colon
> separated string.
> subclass "DSL" 4e:34:31:2d:31:2d:37:2d:32:2d:36:2d:31:2d:31:00
>   { lease limit 2; }
> or put the null in like this perhaps?
> subclass "DSL" "N41-1-7-2-6-1-1\000" { lease limit 2; }

I must admit I was really skeptical of this, but it worked great. 
The \000 in the string was all it took. Thanks for the heads up!

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