ISC DHCP and RedHat Linux

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Wed Jan 23 11:39:32 UTC 2008

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>Subject: ISC DHCP and RedHat Linux
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>Hi all,
>This is my first post for this list. I was worked on configuration DHCP
>server for my firm, the server was using RedHat Linux. The dhcp server
>package is came along with RedHat distribution CDs. Just in last weak last
>week I came across ISC. I have one doubt is Linux provided DHCP and ISC DHCP
>are same? Because ISC web pages has discussion about  Linux.
>Please clear my doubt. Thanks...
>Rakesh P. Zingade

Try this. If you get a similar message then it's ISC dhcp. If you get
something entirely different, then it's not.


% dhcpd -h       
Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.1.0
Copyright 2004-2007 Internet Systems Consortium.
All rights reserved.
Usage: dhcpd [-p <UDP port #>] [-d] [-f]
             [-cf config-file] [-lf lease-file]
                   [-tf trace-output-file]
                   [-play trace-input-file]
             [-t] [-T] [-s server] [if0 [...ifN]]

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