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Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Jan 24 08:10:36 UTC 2008

BuySell wrote:

>But we want is to set the dhcp users only on - 172.16.253-254
>what should I configured for my eth0 ( and eth1
>below what I had:
>ddns-update-style none;
>default-lease-time 21600;
>max-lease-time 43200;
>option subnet-mask;
>option domain-name-servers;
>option domain-name "";
>subnet netmask {
>         option routers;
>         option broadcast-address;
>         range;
>         }

Normally there are two ways around this :

1) Provide empty subnet declarations like this

subnet netmask {
   ignore booting ;
subnet netmask { }

You can leave out the ignore booting, it just means that requests 
from that subnet will create "no free leases" messages in the logs.

2) Configure the dhcp server to only serve one interface. The 'raw' 
mathod is to start dhcpd with a list of interfaces (eg 'dhcpd eth2'), 
but usually the distribution provides a method to put this in a 
config file (on Debian it's added to /etc/default/dhcp3-server).

In your case you only need to serve eth0.1 - can you confirm that 
this is a VLAN and you've not just mistyped eth0:1 ?

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