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I am a newbie in linux, I have succesfully setup the squid proxy, althought i have setup it with the very minimal options.Right now the challenge for me is to manage/distribute bandwidth for my client side. Currently on ISA SERVER, i have BSPLITTER which is distributing bandwidth very effeciently and the way i wanted it to be, but how Can I do it with the LINUX ?
I want to setup 3 Users Groups (offcourse, base on ther ip addresses),
1) 3KB Users = Free Users2) 6 KB Users = Low Monthly Paid Users3) 16KB Users = Regular Users
I want that the 3KB and 6KB users, they remain restricted to there bandwidth 24hours.But 16KB Users should get 16KB from 3:00pm day till 1:am night, after that they should be able to use the full bandwidth available.
after searching on I found one script from a linux expert, using tc , it implements bandwidth nicely. but few drawbacks I have seen after using it.
1) it restricts the whole sole traffic from the client, means if user is allowed to downlaod upto 16KB, and he is using it fully, response to server gets very slow, like if user do browsing , it takes so much time to browse, even if user ping the server, the latency is too much high, like above 2000-3000 ms, ping to internet sites results in request timeout most of the time, how to solve this problem ?
2) the squid response is very strong , much better then ISA, but how can we exclude cache content from bandwidth policy ?If Microsucks(soft) can support this feature, why cant linux? This is very necessary option, bcoz most of the items do resides in the cache , so its better not to impose restrictiosn on cache delivery. it also improves user response, its all about delivering pages quickly to users, in the real competition world.
I have ip series of 
All users are distributed among above ip series, Is this possible that all users should go in 16KB pool by default, and for free or low paid users, i manually enter them in free users or low paid monthly group ? if u remember, like u did with the dhcp script for me, to link them via WEBMIN? is this kind of setup possible ?
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