force to only accept hardware address as dhcp-client-identifier

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Jan 29 19:07:08 UTC 2008

David W. Hankins wrote:

>  > Unless they have recently changed their minds,
>>  despite numerous requests, ISC refuses to add such
>>  an option because it is contrary to the RFC standards
>>  documents.
>it is true that i refuse to apply the patch which has been circulating
>that totally removes dhcp client identifier support from the server
>with no option or intervention.  i think it would be irresponsible to
>distribute this as default behaviour.

I would agree with that.

>it is not true that i am opposed to developing tools to assist
>operators of dhcp networks in challenging client-identity environs,
>even to the extent of following that up with standards action and
>thus changing the server's default behaviour towards certain things.

What happened to the proposal to add a config option to control the 
primary key selection criteria ? Did it make in into any of the 
current releases, is it still on the 'to do' list, or did it get 
dropped ?

Also, adding the ability to use this value (ie the selected key) as a 
client selector in host statements would also deal with the "assign 
address to client by option-82" that comes up fairly regularly.

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