independent servers on same subnet

Carl Karsten carl at
Fri Jul 11 12:27:56 UTC 2008

Friend works in an IT dept is describing an upcoming migration passed this on:

> the guy was telling me that the department already had their own tiny DHCP
> server running, and now the bigger DHCP server is handing out IP addresses
> even to the ones they'd rather keep on their tiny DHCP server.  If you've got
> 2 DHCP servers, there's no way, as far as we can tell to "decide" which DHCP
> server any machine talks to first.

Not that there is any good reason to do this, but maybe if I pass back what it 
would take to do it right they might realize it isn't a good idea.

So, what can be done to run a 2nd dhcp server?

Things that come to mind:
  - both servers need mac addresses to respond to or ignore.
  - clients send a client ID or something, one responds if it sees it, one 
ignores it if it sees it.

Carl K

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