Encapsulated match if

Olivier Bax de Keating olivier.baxdekeating.external at aastra.com
Wed Mar 5 14:12:02 UTC 2008

I just read the eval man page.
If I don't misunderstand it, exists check if the content of an option is not null, ie :
if exists dhcp-parameter-request-list {
               # Always send the PXELINUX options (specified in hexadecimal)
               option dhcp-parameter-request-list = concat(option dhcp-parameter-request-list,d0,d1,d2,d3);

But, what I want is to check if a given code option is present in the option 55 (dhcp-parameter-request-list) which contains in fact a concatenation of option codes (requested by the client).

Thx for all

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I think you want 'exists' -- see 'man dhcp-eval'.


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