Warning: subnet overlaps subnet

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Mar 18 17:10:16 UTC 2008

John Hascall wrote:

>OK.  Let me step back.  Here's what I would like to accomplish.
>We have two DHCP servers.  We do not use failover.
>One is the main DHCP server.  It handles everything.
>The second is maintained as a warm spare, but it does
>serve out addresses for all the fixed-address machines.
>All this works fine.  We have monitoring software that
>basically sends DHCPINFORMS at the dhcp server and
>waits for the acks.  This works good for the primary,
>but the second server never answers because it is
>not authoritative.  My one host subnet was an attempt
>to make the second server answer the monitoring host.

I 'think' you can do :

Make the server authoritative AND remove (comment out) all 
pools/range declarations.

 From man dhcpd.conf :

Another option is to firewall packets.

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