BootP and Many Unhappy Cisco Light weight Access Points

Martin McCormick martin at
Tue Mar 25 19:53:42 UTC 2008

Simon Hobson writes:
>Martin McCormick wrote:
>None of these networks have DHCP
>>lease pools so each AP has a bootP entry.
>Do you really mean bootp entry, of host statement with fixed address 
>- they are about as similar as an orange and a banana !

Quite true, but that is how these devices find their proper
address within the subnet.

	It was added to the server via omshell producing the
following entry:

host {
  hardware ethernet 00:0b:85:93:7f:d0;

><pedant mode>It's "Hot Standby Routing Protocol", a Cisco proprietry 
>protocol</pedant mode>

	Oops! I just heard the acronym a few minutes before

	I am responding to also state that  I and one other
person here made a major mistake in reading the logs which
changes the whole question. We both swore we had seen the
DHCPDISCOVER and a no free leases message on the correct
interface for the subnet where the bootP entry is. In fact, the
AP is meshing with the proper network and another nearby network
intermittently and all the "no free leases" messages are to be
expected when it is on the wrong subnet as there are no lease

	You actually also answered all my other questions about
whether the DHCP server cares or not which interface relayed the
packet. I had been telling my coworkers that it didn't matter
but it is nice to get confirmation. We are, in fact, seeing
exactly what you describe in that both real routers are relaying
the packets so we see two of everything but the bootP match 
does work like it should.

	If we can get the AP to stop meshing with the wrong
network and do what its wired interface tells it to, we will be

	Thanks for your response.

Martin McCormick

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