Bandwidth Consumed by DHCP Message

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As one of the other's already posted, it's a question of numbers.  If you
could actually coordinate the simultaneous DHCP request of 150K clients I
would be fully impressed.  The only scenario I can think leading to that
would be if a entire city lost its power, all the clients powered on, but
the network equipment leading to the DHCP server was the last device turned
on.  In that case all the devices would be DHCPing.  Even in the scenario,
most DHCP clients have some kind of back-off before they retry.


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Hi Guys

I v a network of 150,000 clients requiring an IP Address simultaneously
from the ISC-DHCP Server (3.0.6). Can anyone please help me in guiding
that how much bandwidth will be required?

Vivek Aggarwal

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