Dns Update

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Sat May 3 12:22:05 UTC 2008

'host truename' is just a unique label for the host declararion, and
doesnothave to have any resemblance to the real name.
use-host-decl-names can override this bahaviour.

In the interim dynamic dns update scheme it is a little different from
the ad-hoc scheme.

This is the relevant section from the dhcpd.conf man page:

     If the server is configured not to allow client updates,  or
     if  the client doesn't want to do its own update, the server
     will simply choose a name for the  client  from  either  the
     fqdn   option  (if  present)  or  the  hostname  option  (if
     present).  It will use its own domain name for  the  client,
     just  as  in  the ad-hoc update scheme.  It will then update
     both the A and PTR record, using the name that it chose  for
     the  client.    If the client sends a fully-qualified domain
     name in the fqdn option, the server uses only  the  leftmost
     part  of  the  domain name - in the example above, "jschmoe"
     instead of "jschmoe.radish.org".

So, in your host declaration I think you need to also set:

  option hostname = "truename";

and maybe you will need to set

  option fqdn.fqdn = "truename.testing.com";

but try only setting option hostname first. Options are covered in the
dhcp-options man page.


>Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 17:01:43 -0700 (PDT)
>From: frank miller <frankkmiller at yahoo.com>
>Subject: Re: Dns Update 
>To: dhcp-users at isc.org
>Which instance of 'truename' do you refer to ?
>--- Romer Ventura <rventura at h-st.com> wrote:
>> Don't you have to use the MAC add where it says
>> "truname" else it wont
>> recognize it...?
>> On 5/2/08 1:59 PM, "frank miller"
>> <frankkmiller at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> > host truename {
>> >     hardware ethernet;
>> >     fixed-address;
>> >     ddns-hostname "truename";
>> >     ddns-domainname "testing.com";
>> >     option domain-name "testing.com";
>> > }
>> ------ 
>> Romer Ventura
>> Network Administrator
>> Houston-Sigma Technologies, L.P.

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