tuning for maximum dhcp performance

Gordon A. Lang glang at goalex.com
Tue May 6 16:12:44 UTC 2008

Does anyone have performance data using ZFS on Solaris?

Gordon A. Lang

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> Blake,
> Write-back was on, I confirmed.  Even so, I was still unable to get 
> numbers approaching the ramdisk until I started trying different 
> filesystems.
> It seems that when starting dhcp with a blank dhcpd.leases file, using 
> reiserfs filesystem, and dhcperf, you get poor performance.  JFS, XFS, and 
> even EXT3 (in descending order) all resulted in over 300 5way 
> clients/second.
> All filesystems were mounted with noatime, nodiratime, nodev, nosuid, and 
> noexec.
> I was a bit surprised that the difference was this drastic.
> On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Blake Hudson wrote:

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