Address allocation not working correctly

Claus Holm Christensen iscdhcp at
Tue May 6 21:33:31 UTC 2008

Corley, Kenneth L (Kenny) skrev:
> I'm fairly new to the mailing list.  I was wandering if someone could 
> help determine if the following config will allow a unique subnet range 
> to be allocated per service (ie. video (STB), data/internet, and VoIP).  
> Currently, it is not working.  The STBs (ADB3800/5810) are getting 
> assigned an IP address from the internet/data subnet (10.6.0.x) instead 
> of the video subnet.  We are running ISC v3.0.5.  I'm fairly certain the 
> class definitions for the STBs are correct since they getting an address 
> in the data subnet.

It has previously been recommended not to use both allow /and/ deny 
statements in a configuration, only allow /or/ deny statements. But I 
don't remember if that was only within one pool declaration, or a common 

Are all your boxes located in the same VLAN? If they are, then you might 
need to put the and the subnets into a shared-network 
statement, otherwise the DHCP-server doesn't know that both subnets 
share the link. If the VLANs are different, then I would check the 
network a little bit further for wrong IP addresses on the router or 

Other than that I don't see any problems. Would you mind sharing the 
class definitions as well?

Claus Holm Christensen

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