Address allocation not working correctly

Eric Helm helmwork at
Wed May 7 01:23:27 UTC 2008

Corley, Kenneth L (Kenny) wrote:
> Eric,
> The Extreme has the following DHCP relay config:
> enable bootprelay
> configure bootprelay add  ( is the DHCP server)
> configure ip-down-vlan-action forward 
> I did notice when looking at the DHCP DISCOVER from Set Top Box going
> from the Extreme to the DHCP server that the bootp flag - relay agent IP
> address - is set to  I assume this is why the DHCP server is
> allocating from the 10.6.0.x subnet?  But I have deny statements for the
> Set Top box class in the data or 10.6.0.x scope.  
> Would you happen to know how to configure the Extreme to send
> in relay agent field of DISCOVER for STBs and send in relay
> agent field of DISCOVER for anything other than STBs (ie. PCs/laptops)?

As far as I know, it cannot be done, but it shouldn't matter with the 
dhcp shared-network because it will service both networks regardless if 
the giaddr is or

You'll need to make sure your Option 82 classes are accurate and 
matching in the dhcpd.conf and that the Extreme is not stripping that 
information out of the DHCP packets. By the looks of the Extreme config, 
  you'll need to add that line:

configure bootprelay dhcp-agent information policy keep


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