Removal from mailing list

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed May 7 15:28:59 UTC 2008

At 11:01 -0400 7/5/08, <denis.alem at> wrote:
>Please, can I be removed from the mailing list

What does this have to do with "Address allocation not working 
correctly" ? DO NOT hijack a thread as it causes great confusion when 
some mailers and most archivers will thread messages together using 
references buried in the headers. START A NEW THREAD by creating a 
NEW message - in virtually all mailers you just need to create a new 
message and start typing the first few characters of the address for 
it to bring up the rest of the address automatically.

You can remove yourself, instructions are in the message headers of 
every message, but it seems that a few mailers don't show them - so 
here they are again :

>>List-help: <mailto:ecartis at>
>>List-unsubscribe: <mailto:dhcp-users-request at>
>>List-Id: <>
>>List-subscribe: <mailto:dhcp-users-request at>
>>List-owner: <mailto:listmaster at>
>>List-post: <mailto:dhcp-users at>

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