Option 82 Log Statement

J Bacher jb at jbacher.com
Tue May 13 15:58:00 UTC 2008

Split into multiple lines for readability:

log (info, concat(
        "OPT82 IP Address ",
        binary-to-ascii(10, 8, ".",leased-address),
        " CID: ",
        option agent.circuit-id,
        " RID: ",
        option agent.remote-id));

In 3.0.6 (via distribution) and 3.1.1rc2 (from source), I am only getting the 
text and [option 82] information for the IP address and circuit-id.

   OPT82 IP Address <IP.address> CID: <circuit-id>

In earlier releases of 3.0, the IP address, circuit-id and remote-id would be 

   OPT82 IP Address <IP.address> CID: <circuit-id> RID: <remote-id>

I am not seeing the text or information for the remote-id unless I split the log 
statement into two log statements (one for circuit-id and one for remote-id).

I have also tried multiple concats within the statement but no go.

Has the formatting been changed in later releases?

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