Use omshell/omapi to set hostname for ddns?

Steve van der Burg steve.vanderburg at LHSC.ON.CA
Tue May 13 17:06:31 UTC 2008

>>> "Steve van der Burg" <steve.vanderburg at> wrote:
> Hi, I'm using a failover pair of 3.0.5 servers with omshell and am trying to 
> find a way to get a printer that, for some reason, can't work with the 
> servers to do ddns.  Other hosts (PCs) on the same subnet are able to get 
> their A records published, but the printer, which is supplying a 
> client-hostname but no uid, doesn't work.
> I have scoured the docs and the mailing list, but to no avail.  Reading the 
> server docs suggests to me that the ddns TXT and A recs are not getting 
> generated because the printer is not sending a uid, but I don't know if that 
> is correct.  So, I either need some way to generate a uid for it via server 
> config, or some way to set a name in its host container (we only allow known 
> MACs, so each machine has a host object dynamically sent to the dhcp server 
> via omshell) that will then get picked up and used for ddns.

Okay, after a lot more searching, here's the answer to my own question:

To use omshell to set ddns info (in my case, just an A record), do something like this:

   $con->send("set statements=\"ddns-hostname=\\\"$hname\\\"; ".

(I'm using expect with omshell).


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