Dynamic and static leases present

Todd Snyder tsnyder at rim.com
Thu May 15 19:16:26 UTC 2008

I have my subnets defined as discussed the other day:

subnet netmask { range; option routers; }

And I have a host entry for the middle of the range:

host ns03 {    
	hardware ethernet 00:1a:64:8a:62:42;    
	option host-name "ns03";    

But when the device tries to get an ip, I get the following in my logs:

May 15 18:49:02 sa-bmp01 dhcpd: Dynamic and static leases present for 
May 15 18:49:02 sa-bmp01 dhcpd: Remove host declaration ns03 or remove 
May 15 18:49:02 sa-bmp01 dhcpd: from the dynamic address pool for

One page I read suggests that I can't have a static assignment in the
middle of a dynamic range, but I don't believe that to be correct.

My understanding is that I can assign a static ip within a dynamic
range, and it's basically 'reserved' until that mac address asks for an
IP, which it is then given from it's host declaration.

Can anyone identify the error, or clarify whats going on here?  My brain
isn't working with me on this one ....



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