Dynamic and static leases present

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Thu May 15 20:22:05 UTC 2008

    The short answer is that the error message is right and your "belief"
is wrong. The ISC server does not remove fixed-address assignments from
any pools to which it happens to get assigned. If (the usual case) the
fixed-address server is running when another client is assigned its IP
address, that client will see ns03 using the address it was offered and
decline it, causing the server to abandon the IP. However, if a dynamic
client gets the address first while ns03 is down, ns03 will be out of
luck when it comes online.

    There are other DHCP servers which do work the way you expect but
the ISC server makes very few efforts to prevent an administrator from
shooting himself in the foot. Recent versions have added warning messages
like the one you quoted when odd configurations are encountered but they
apparently do not always work. (It seems clear enough to me.)
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