Problem in DHCP Server no free leases Error

Rajiv Rajaian rajiv.grid at
Tue May 20 12:55:34 UTC 2008

Hi simon
Thanks for your suggestions..

I got the dhcp version  dhcp 3.0.7 from the link

Is there any thing else to change in dhcp.conf file for this version ??

Where can I get the rpm for dhcp version 3.0.7 ..

dhclient in  my client machine was

[root at g152 ~]# rpm -q dhclient

Is it ok with that??


On 5/20/08, Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at> wrote:
> Rajiv Rajaian wrote:
> > In my dhcp server the dhcp version was (OS: Scientific linux 4.0)
> > [root at g40 ~]# rpm -q dhcp
> > dhcp-3.0.1-12_EL.i386
> >
>  That is VERY old. I don't know if there's been any fixed related to your
> problem (you could wade your way through the release notes for 3.0.7), but
> I'd suggest upgrading anyway.

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