dhcp inform is not fetching the correct option

S Kalyanasundaram skalyanasundaram at novell.com
Wed May 21 12:52:33 UTC 2008

 I am running dhcp-3.0.3 with the following configuration. The windows XP client 
 comes up and gets the static IP address correctly

After getting the IP address it sends out a dhcpinform message 
asking for option 86(nds-tree-name) but instead of replying the 
value "tree2host2" dhcp server replies from the subnet value "tree0subnet0".

Is it a bug? How to make the server to send the information from host{}

My configuration file:

ddns-update-style none;
max-lease-time 86400;
option broadcast-address;
option domain-name-servers;
subnet netmask {
default-lease-time 259200;
option domain-name "example.com";
option domain-name-servers;
option nds-tree-name "tree0subnet0";
pool {
option nds-tree-name "tree1pool1";
host testhost {
hardware ethernet 00:14:c2:06:51:74;
default-lease-time 2147483647;
option nds-tree-name "tree2host2";


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