dhcp inform is not fetching the correct option

S Kalyanasundaram skalyanasundaram at novell.com
Wed May 21 18:21:52 UTC 2008

Thanks for your reply Niall,

>> I am running dhcp-3.0.3
>	Why such an old version?
>	Upgrading to a version closer to current would probably be a good idea.

My customer already deployed this version from SLES 10. 

>> My configuration file:
>	Your "host { ... }" block doesn't belong inside the "subnet { ... }"  
>	I'ld suggest upgrading and correcting your configuration file as
>	first steps.

IIRC, there was a discussion that the host shouldnt be part of the
dynamic range. or you are mentioning the placement of host should
be inside the subnet?

Thanks for your help,

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