One dhcp server multiple DNS

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Thu May 22 01:32:14 UTC 2008

Sorry for the lack of information

So hear the full situation

in my dhcpd.conf config i have set a group of static ips ( and the rest is obtain via normal DHCP process. Clients who obtain IPs via the static IPs are internet enabled client whereas the rest is non-internet enabled clients.

I am wondering whether the statement 

option domain-name-servers 

can be repeated for the block of IPs pool i.e.


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> Subject: Re: One dhcp server multiple DNS
> Suhaime Raeze wrote:
> >I have this situation I have two DNS server one for internal use 
> >another for external access. I have users which can bypass the proxy 
> >and using the IM such gtalk and yahoo messenger. Question is: Can I 
> >have two set of dhcp settings in one server? One settings pointing 
> >to internal DNS and another pointing to external DNS. Without 
> >external access I can block the usage of IM in my environment
> Sorry, I just don't understand that question !
> What do you mean by "two set of dhcp settings" ?
> Do you mean give different settings to different clients ? The answer 
> to that is yes, but you need to define what you want given to what.
> If you want to prevent users bypassing your proxy etc, then the way 
> to do that is to block outbound access to DNS servers other than your 
> own official ones. Once you do that, then you can control what the 
> DNS hands out. But don't forget that people can bypass that by 
> entering an IP address instead of a hostname.
> In general, if you want to control something like that, the firewall 
> is the place to do it (or policies on the desktops) - DHCP is not a 
> security tool and can be easily bypassed.

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