DHCP Server Configuration Problem

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon May 26 12:58:51 UTC 2008

DÔ Phan-Cam-Thach wrote:

>My distribution est Ubuntu 8.04. I installed 
>dhcpd from source sur le site de isc. And i have 
>tried with sudo, so i was in the root mode.
>I haven't found the file dhcpd.conf in /etc/init.d either.

You are confusing the program (and scripts to 
start/stop it) with the config file.

The default location for the config file is 
/etc/dhcpd.conf, and it should be sufficient to 
type "dhcpd" to start the server. You do NOT type 
"./dhcpd" unless you are in the directory where 
the binary is located, nor do you try to execute 

I think you will find it easier to use the 
packaged binary as that will provide scripts for 
controlling the server and save you the effort of 
writing those, and any dependencies will be taken 
care of for you. Since you are using Ubuntu which 
is Debian based, the packaged version would place 
the config file at /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf, and you 
would control the program by using 
/etc/init.d/dhcpd - eg to start the service you 
would type "/etc/init.d/dhcpd start", to stop it 
you would type "/etc/init.d/dhcpd stop" and so on.

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