How to check if DHCP Server is running in a network

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Tue May 27 07:27:57 UTC 2008

one solution for this would be 

to check the existence of,  this would be a file in my case it is located in /var/run. you can always do find/locate to find the path.

if you can find the file, then dhcpd would be running otherwise not.


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Subject: How to check if DHCP Server is running in a network
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 I have a requirement where in I have to check 
after every 3 minutes whether some dhcp server is enabled/running in the 
network. Enabling dhcp client after every 3 minutes is a big over head, so I 
would like to first search/look if any dhcp server running in a network, if 
so i will enable dhcp client to get IP, else I will once again look for dhcp 
server after 3 minutes.
Thanx in Advance.

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