3.1.1 Failover Speed (was: Re: 4.1.0a1 Failover sync speed)

Claus Holm Christensen iscdhcp at claushc.dk
Thu May 29 15:42:24 UTC 2008

Chuck Anderson skrev:
> That goes against every recommendation, documentation, and experience 
> I have ever seen.  Of course, the code is the final authority on this.  
> I haven't looked at the code myself, but I've seen the authors of the 
> code say that your experience isn't enforced by the code.

It's easy to test... Create random host statements for all but one IP 
address in a test scope, then attach two clients that don't match any of 
the random hosts. If both clients get an address, then there is no such 

This issue has haunted me a couple of times, and I know the log message 
from this problem quite well. The log message is only generated 
on-the-fly, when the DHCP server selects this IP for responding to a 
DISCOVER or REQUEST. That's certainly a nuisance!

Claus Holm Christensen

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