Status of "RESERVED" flag via OMAPI

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Sat May 31 01:24:11 UTC 2008

Yeah I ran across these 2 posts from David:

which gave me hope that maybe it was just a super secret magic bit that I didn't know :)


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Foggi, Nicola wrote:

>Trying to figure out which of conflicting documentation regarding 
>being able to set the reserved flag on a lease is correct. 
>Currently when we attempt to set it we get a "can't update object" 
>back from the server which would lead me to believe that it's not 
>currently able to be set.  We tried both omshell and omcmd but both 
>have failed.

According to previous comments from David Hankins, it's only setable 
(at the moment) by editing the leases file.

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