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Wed Nov 5 16:55:48 UTC 2008

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> Tom Schmitt wrote:
> >I'm using dhcp v 3.1.1 on a server with several network-interfaces. 
> >I want the dhcpd only to use one of these interfaces.
> >
> >Is there any possibility to define the networkinterface in the 
> >dhcpd.conf? I couldn't find anything in man dhcpd.conf.
> No, the command line method is the only way. But bear in mind that 
> many Linux distributions provide a way to do this - for example, in 
> Debian, you can put a list of interfaces in 
> /etc/default/dhcp<somthing>
> However, depending on your needs, it might be possible to fudge it. 
> If you are able to run a dhcp server on the other networks, then you 
> can simply define a subnet for each interface and then specify 
> "ignore booting" in the subnet declaration. The server will still 
> start up on those interfaces, but it will simply ignore all packets 
> received.
> -- 
> Simon Hobson

Thank you for your answer.
The operatingsystem I use is solaris. The solution with the "ignore booting" doesn't help me, because the reason for wanting to define a network interface is not only to ignore the requests on other interfaces. The reason is that I need the dhcpd to use the ip-adress of a specific network-interface as it's source IP, because this is the only address that will go through a firewall on the way.
So I think I have to stick to command-line.

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