expired leases

Greg.Rabil at ins.com Greg.Rabil at ins.com
Thu Nov 6 14:58:27 UTC 2008

Thanks Ted, that's what I figured.  However, setting the state to partner-down doesn't seem to accomplish that.  Here is a snippet of the end of my leases file from yesterday.  I have 30 minute lease times and 5 minute MCLT.

lease {
  starts 3 2008/11/05 22:12:56;
  ends 3 2008/11/05 22:42:56;
  tstp 3 2008/11/05 22:57:56;
  tsfp 3 2008/11/05 22:57:56;
  cltt 3 2008/11/05 22:12:56;
  binding state expired;
  next binding state free;
  hardware ethernet c0:a8:c0:7c:00:08;
  client-hostname "host-c0-a8-c0-7c-00-08";

failover peer "primary-dhcpd-failover-dhcpd" state {
  my state partner-down at 3 2008/11/05 22:49:36;
  partner state normal at 3 2008/11/05 22:03:35;

So, you can see that I successfully set the "partner-down" state on 11/05 at 22:49.  Yet I still an unable to obtain a new lease from the primary today:

Nov  6 09:49:48 agr-pdhcp dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from de:bb:1e:00:00:00 via peer holds all free leases

I would have expected the lease above to become free on 11/05 at 22:57 since that is the time last acked by the failover as the time the lease expires.  However, I am still unable to get a new lease today, more than eight hours later.


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On Nov 5, 2008, at 1:02 PM, Greg.Rabil at ins.com wrote:

> What is the expected behavior here?  Shouldn't these leases
> eventually be freed?  If not, what is the proper procedure for
> making them available, assuming that the failover box is out-of-
> commission for a long time?  Note my previous post about attempting
> to set "partner-down" state on the primary using omshell, which
> doesn't appear to accomplish the stated goal.

If the box is out of commission for an extended period, you're
supposed to put it in partner-down state.   After MCLT has expired,
leases in the "expired" state will be reclaimed.

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