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Zhaohui Wang zwange at
Sun Nov 9 23:14:36 UTC 2008



Hi all


I am using isc dhcpd version3. Can anyone present a conf file example
showing that how to config dhcpd for autherized mac address only?

I need all other unknow MACs dhcp request ignored.

Here is my draft dhcpd.conf file, but can not get dhcpd started. Any
correction or guide would be greatly appreciated.




ddns-update-style interim;

ignore client-updates;

range dynamic-bootp;

default-lease-time 21600;



host mx {

                hardware ethernet 00:1e:0f:fa:75:2e;


                option routers        ;

                option subnet-mask    ;

                option broadcast-address;

#               option nis-domain               "";

#               option domain-name              "";




Best Regards

Zhao Wang


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