Static Lease Logging

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Thu Nov 27 10:04:06 UTC 2008

Apologies if this has already been covered, but a brief google hasn't turned up anything yet.

We're currently running a 'tweaked' version of dhcpd 3.0.3 that logs static leases out to the dhcpd.leases file along with the dynamics. We currently monitor dhcpd.leases with gamin/FAM, and then we scrape the leases out of the file and squirt them into a SQL database, where they are de-duplicated and recorded against our asset/IPAM database, so we can see the last time a static address was issued etc.

I'd really like to upgrade dhcpd since it's about 3 years out of date and there have been a number of fixes for a few bugs that we're seeing with areas like failover. Additionally I'd like to switch to using a standard RHEL rpm rather than the proprietary version we currently run, for maintainability's sake. Unfortunately the staff member that made the modifications to the code has long since left, and I'm no coder myself, so I'm curious if anyone else has found a more elegant way of recording static leases being issued?


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