Issuing lease from a secondary pool

Norman Elton normelton at
Sun Apr 5 21:21:35 UTC 2009

Let's say I've got a router ( that is proxying DHCP
requests back to a central server. That scope is starting to fill up,
so I add a "secondary IP" to the router, So now it's
handling both the network and the
network in the same layer-2 broadcast domain.

When a client broadcasts for an IP address, the router forwards the
request back to the server, which sees the request coming from and tries to find a lease in the pool. But
that pool is now exhausted. I'd like to be able to configure the DHCP
server to issue leases in a secondary pool (in this case, As far as I know, the ISC DHCP server will only look
for available leases in the pool that the relaying router is a member
of. Can I configure it to trust that a secondary IP address exists for
a particular relaying router, and to service requests from this
secondary pool?

Any thoughts? Thanks,


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