MADCAP support?

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Apr 6 21:41:45 UTC 2009


we have a project on campus that is to deploy the microsoft management
software SCCM - the clients for this deployment are told which
multicast address they should use via DHCP (!)

yep, assignment of multicast addresses via DHCP - aka MADCAP

the microsoft DHCP server has MADCAP support - and the idea of
multicast scopes - neat.  however, we are an ISC shop. we've used ISC
DHCPD for years now and it offers us greater flexibility, logging
and configuration - until now.

what is the status of MADCAP in the ISC product?  I see no Linux
implementation in any other software (barring 'tmdns') - and
only microsofts server.... so, what cross-platform interoperable
implementations exist to prove the RFC and its requirements? or
is this a case where an open standard has now been adopted to
make installs such as SCCM force our hand into MS DHCP ?  :-|


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