OMAPI: local-stos time values

Matt Causey matt.causey at
Wed Apr 15 10:42:05 UTC 2009

Hi all,

OK - I am sure I'm being dense, or this is just some standard time
format of which I am unaware....but I cannot seem to find this
documented anywhere.  When I evaluate this OMAPI output:

local-stos = 49:e5:b6:ee

How do I convert this to some human-readable, or script evaluational
format?  I can do this:

print join('.', map { hex $_ } split(/:/, "$hex_timestamp"));

which gets me:

hex: 49:e5:b6:ee.

The man page just says "Indicates the time at which the DHCP server
entered its present state in this failover relationship. "

I was thinking it could be DD:HH:MM:SS ... but that doesn't really
work out in decimal, for obvious reasons...



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