Problem with dhcpctl.

phil lemelin phil.lemelin at
Wed Apr 22 17:17:03 UTC 2009

Found out my mistake here.

the "server not authoritative" made me think the problem was in the dhcp
configuration but the address I typed for the lease object corresponded to a
static host declaration in the dhcpd.conf file. Those declaration are not in
the leases file.

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 11:11 AM, phil lemelin <phil.lemelin at>wrote:

> Changing the library order did the trick for me and I can compile, link and
> run.
> However, running the example, I always exit because the waitstatus is not
> ISC_R_SUCCESS. In the example, it says " server not authoritative" however,
> in my dhcpd.conf, the first line says authoritative; and I added
> authoritative; in the subnet declaration. What could be the other reasons
> for ending up there ?
> Thank you for any suggestions,
> --
> Philippe-Alexandre Lemelin

Philippe-Alexandre Lemelin
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