"supersede" the IP address

Jack Bates ms419 at freezone.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 21:25:14 UTC 2009

> > How can I configure dhclient to "supersede" the IP address supplied by
> > the DHCP server?
> As I understand it, you can't. I have seen a DHCP client that behaves  
> this way, but it's supplied by Apple and, as far as I know, is not  
> available for non-Mac operating systems.

Maybe I will send this feature request to dhcp-suggest at isc.org?

> Wouldn't it be just as easy, though, to create a host declaration in  
> your dhcpd.conf, with a fixed-address statement?

It would, but the DHCP server is operated by someone else, so I don't
know what software is running it, and don't have access to reconfigure

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